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A Mini-trip Down Fantasy Lane

Warprize - Elizabeth Vaughan Warsworn - Elizabeth Vaughan Warlord - Elizabeth Vaughan Warcry - Elizabeth Vaughan

Chronicles of the Warlands


A slight hiccup came up in my normal schedule so during a bit of downtime, I girded myself and checked more of my imported books to see how bad the situation was.  The silver lining to this rather painful chore was re-discovering some series/authors about which I had all but forgotten.


One is the above series by Elizabeth Vaughan.  I really loved the world-building in this one and there’s a spin-off series called Epic of Palins. FWIW, I enjoyed Destiny Star (EoP #3) the most because the storyline returned to the Warlands, with its climax referenced briefly in Warcry (Warlands #4).



Another interesting series is Clay & Susan Griffith’s steampunk Vampire Empire.



I immediately liked this series due to its mix of steampunk, paranormal and mysticism, as well as the fact that the romance angle doesn’t dilute the overall arc of the series. In retrospect, I suppose one could classify this as ‘NA’ (primarily due to the age of the female protag) but IMHO, the series can be enjoyed by a much wider, general audience.



And last (but certainly not least) is Battle Lord Saga, a lesser-known series by Linda Mooney.



Some would classify the Battle Lord Saga as Fantasy but I consider it more Futuristic/Dystopia (or perhaps post-apocalyptic)—with the added dash of Bloods (aka zombies).  The reminder was perfect because it turns out that Ms. Mooney just released This Battle Lord's Quest (book #5).



Aside from yet another tiny breach of my 2013 NYR, not too bad of a silver lining, huh?  Hope everyone is having a good one. :)

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