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REVIEW: “Domestic Affairs” by Scarlett Vora

Domestic Affairs - Scarlett Vora

GENRE:  Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

LENGTH:  109 (Kindle pgs)

HEAT LEVEL (content):  Erotic (see FYI below)

PUBLISHER (pub date):  self (19 March 2014)




Kit Sawyer works for the government. It’s a sweet deal: easy work, good pay. Enough money to buy the drugs she needs to forget how much she hates having sex with good-for-nothing jerks.


Wait. Yeah. Maybe it’s not so sweet after all.


Kit lives on a remote planet, a wasteland colonized by intergalactic mining conglomerates. It’s an awful place, and nobody wants to be there. That’s where the Department of Domestic Affairs comes in. Employees sent to undesirable locations get a nice perk out of the deal: a live-in willing body.


Kit goes where she’s told. Does what she has to. But she has a bad attitude, and it lands her in hot water. She’s sent to a problem client. A real creep, though he’s filthy rich. One of the elite. And she discovers, to her surprise, that even the high and mighty need a little companionship

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Unexpectedly more :)


* Review copy provided by the author.


What a surprise! Initially expected a quick, enjoyable erotic romp, but by the ending, got a story with greater depth & emotions―with a (presumed) HEA to boot. IDK why but this book reminded me of the movie, Pretty Woman. As with the movie, I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel to see how Kit & Pike fare. :)


Interesting concept of sex trade turned corporate, with licensed 'companions' getting assignment contracts & pay, as well as bonuses for consenting to extra duties. Light world-building, just enough to maintain sci-fi feel. Diverse mix of characters/clients, with plenty of sex scenes (altho some more for plot movement whilst others definitely for arousal).


I liked how Kit's attitude & character slowly changed due to her new assignment. I only wish that I knew how/why she became the way she was in the beginning. As for Pike, I liked him immediately & could relate to his caution.


Also loved Ms. Vora's writing in this one―overall, very well-written, with some sections being almost poetic. Example:

... A breeze ruffled her hair, bearing the sharp scent of greenery, the perfume of live flowers. Real sunlight warmed her cheeks, the backs of her hands.


And everywhere she looked, she found something to delight her eyes. Pike's fabulous complex. The trees and towers and shining windows of nearby residences. Parks and fountains and mother-of-pearl paths that glittered from afar.


It really was too good to last. Too beautiful, too pleasurable, too perfect. ...


Definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a hot, erotic read with varied sex content. If one were to classify this as 'dark erotica', then I would consider it to be on the 'lighter' side, meaning more grey than black.  But do check to see if anything in the content FYI poses a problem. ;-)



Content FYI: 

drug use by h in beginning; multiple partners due to occupation/companion work policies; a client into humiliation; m/f, m/f/f, orgy at party; rough/hint of dubcon sex; attempted rape; mild BDSM themes/scenes

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