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What are friends for, if not to be devil on shoulder?

Incubus Master: Complete (Yaoi) - Yamila Abraham

I've been quietly grumping to RL friends about hitting a mini-slump after reading Parts I and II of Meljean Brook's The Kraken King.  Despite the variety of reads on my immediate TR list, nothing kept my interest so after each failed attempt, I re-read an Iron Seas book or short.  Which was not good, b/c I's gots certain books to read, dammit!


So a friend got creative and offered to lend Incubus Master: Complete, which both snared my interest *and* made me grumpier.  Yaoi fantasy serial w/ incubi demons?  *growls*  8-part serial (99¢ for average 20pgs each) released as compiled edition @ $5.99 for @ 200pgs, give or take? *mutters choice words*


And thus, my dilemma... do I or don't I?  On the one hand, it's a lend so I'm not wasting my money.  On the other hand... *grumps anew*

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