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Woot! “Binds” by Rebecca Espinoza

Binds  - Rebecca  Espinoza

Hey, guess who won a giveaway?!  Yup, that would be moi.  *grins*


(Actually, this is the second one that I won on BL but I haven’t heard or received anything from the other author.   IDK, what’s the etiquette for that?  Anyone?)


Anyhoo, I’m looking forward to trying Rebecca Espinoza’s debut novel.  I normally keep my eyes open for new PNR/UF series but after being disappointed the past year, I kinda stopped actively seeking them.  Also, Binds is first in series, with no firm release date for #2, so I can relax & not worry about another TR re-shuffle.


So thanks again, Ms. Espinoza, for holding the giveaway & promptly contacting the winners.  Stay tuned for my review... :)

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