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[REBLOG] Can anybody tell me . . .

The Governess Affair  - Courtney Milan The Governess Affair (The Brothers Sinister) - Courtney Milan

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How the book pages work over here? Because I am totally baffled.


Take, for example, The Governess Affair. The linked editions are the only two editions that I can find. Interestingly, when you search for The Governess Affair, only the paperback version comes up in the search. In order to get the ebook version, I had to search for Governess Affair ebook. Why?


In addition, the kindle edition shows 315 customer reviews. But when I click on the book page, it shows one review (mine) and 4 people planning to read. When I click over to amazon, it shows 325 reviews, not 315.


When I go into the paperback edition book page, it shows 322 customer reviews. But, again, when I click on the bookpage, it shows one review (mine) and 3 people including me have read it. No one, however, has added it to read. Amazon still has 325 reviews.



If there is one thing that BL needs to work on asap, it is getting a book page that makes sense. If the "customer reviews" actually refers to reviews that are posted on an external site, the book page needs to make that clear by saying something like "amazon ratings" or "amazon customer reviews" or whatever, because it is incredibly confusing to see over 300 customer reviews, and then click on the book page and see one review.


There should also be a place on the book page that makes it clear what the average booklikes rating is - and how many booklikes reviews there are - that is just as prominent as off-site "customer ratings".


And, at a minimum, in my opinion, a review of any of the print/ebook versions should show up on the book page for all of the print/ebook versions (if booklikes wants to separate out reviews of audiobooks, that actually makes sense to me, since many of the things that a reviewer will discuss in an audiobook review are different than what is important in a print/ebook review).


Let me add that I love it here! I love how responsive BL is. I love that Dawid has his finger on the pulse of his site, and is obviously listening to his users. I love the friendliness, and the conversation, and the ability to personalize my space. I am here for the long haul - it is just so comfy here. And now that discussion groups have been rolled out, it is even friendlier.


But the book page needs work.

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