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OMG, there be groups! (erm, discussion rooms ^.^)

So… was I the only who nearly fell outta the chair upon learning of this week’s new feature on BL?! Don’t know why but I didn’t expect BL to roll out a group-like feature this quickly. So hot damn, yes! Another two-thumbs up to BL! :D


Admittedly, the initial roll-out of discussion rooms is bare bones (e.g., no HTML for now) and much more functionality needs to be added before they can be fully utilized (e.g., privacy option, as well as ability to add additional admins and control threads). But the discussion rooms meet a much-desired need―one designated place for members to get together to socialize and chat about specific things.


In my excitement, I immediately created the following 3 groups. Altho not much may happen in the short term, just wanted to let y’all know that they exist.

Kindle Smut on BL (sister group to the original Kindle Smut on GR)


PNR & UF Multiverse (adult): Pretty self-explanatory, huh? Yeah, name is cheesy but hey, I was pressed for time. ;-) *New name! (for now?)*  Already busted for sniffing around, my RL friend had no qualms about telling me that my first attempt was ‘beyond lame’ and ‘disappointing’. :D


The Written Word: Still mulling over specifics but general idea is a place for language lovers to discuss all things re: writing.

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