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Virgin Sacrifice (Werewolf Breeding Erotica) - Fannie Tucker VIRGIN SACRIFICE is the second "never judge a book by its title" in a row for me. A fantasy/paranormal set in medieval-like times, this is a quick, naughty story reminiscent of "Beauty and the Beast".

Yeah, color me impressed because Fannie Tucker packed a LOT into this short story (guesstimated @ 40pgs, based on Location 580 for the story). Well-written (and cleanly formatted), sufficient character development, coherent plot, tangible romance, and the requisite "they lived happily ever after" ending.

VIRGIN SACRIFICE is definitely erotica and YMMV, but I found it more "erotica-lite". However, there is an f/f scene and in the primary sex scene, the Beast is in his... well, beast form. I have an odd mental barrier/tolerance for sex "in shifted form" in fantasy/paranormal books (read: accept it as part of that character), but others can and may see this as bestiality. So be warned.

I enjoyed this story but I'm glad that I got this as a freebie. Also, while I'd certainly consider reading another fantasy/paranormal story by this author, it would have to be much longer than 40 pages.

(Thanks, Secret Book Claus(e). Kudos for finding a story matching the week's theme AND being fairy tale-inspired.)