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Catch That Santa - Karen Docter (★★★1/2) An octogenarian escaping her retirement home to elope with the visiting Santa? And the grandkids are left to be the responsible ones? How can you resist? ^_^

Despite being predictable, CATCH THAT SANTA was a lovely "feel good" read with my hot chocolate (smothered in marshmallows, of course). An optimistic story about a second chance at love (in two different meanings), Karen Docter did a wonderful job of weaving a coherent story, creating relatable characters, and conveying emotional depth in such a short length. So I can't help but wonder how much better the story would've been had it been longer. Nonetheless, CATCH THAT SANTA satisfies the reader with the perfect ending.

(My thanks, Secret Book Claus(e)... yes, I caught the double play on the title. ^_^)