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You Melted Me - Kari Gregg (★★★½) Hot quickie!

If you're unfamiliar with Kari Gregg but like M/M romances, then this free download of YOU MELTED ME may be a great way to check out this author while getting a quick taste of some deliciously hot male lovin'. (See also the free download of "[b:The Importance of Being Denny|12019471|The Importance of Being Denny |Kari Gregg|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1324144419s/12019471.jpg|16984924]".)

Several years ago, I read 3 of Kari Gregg's early works but got sidetrack by the usual. Her name came back on my radar recently so I decided to finally rescue YOU MELTED ME from calibre limbo.

DAY-UM! Two sentences into the story and I was immediately hooked.

Thrown right into bed with Leland and Brian, YOU MELTED ME is a fast shot of hot sex, with a chaser of romance. It's short—too short!—for any substantive character development or plot beyond the basics of who the two are and their immediate circumstances. But Kari Gregg manages to create enough emotional depth so that I could believe in a future for these two. HFN ending so I wouldn't mind a more substantial story about Leland and Brian.