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Elfbitten (Taryn Malloy Fantasy, #1) - Leila Bryce Sin A HOT NIGHT OF ELF MAGICK

(★★½) Well, ELFBITTEN was a short, hot surprise! And thankfully, my recent bad luck with Secret Book Claus(e) picks seems to be over.

I enjoyed ELFBITTEN for what is was—a quick, one-sitting erotic story within a paranormal setting. So if you like erotic paranormals and want something more than flash erotica, give this a try while it’s free. But be forewarned: ELFBITTEN is the first of an expensive multi-part serial (see last paragraph).

Written in the first person POV, the entire story spans one night that Taryn and her best friend, Roxy, spend at a club for both paranormal beings and humans. Taryn, still recovering from the break-up with her cheating ex-boyfriend, finds—among other things ^_^—healing in the “magic raising” at the club. (TBT, the on-goings at the club reminded me of the moon heat… er, partying… in [a:Keri Arthur|7742|Keri Arthur|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1297828955p2/7742.jpg]’s Riley Jenson series.)

Given that ELFBITTEN is a novelette, I didn’t expect much by way of world-building and characterization. However, there was enough for me to relate to Taryn and Roxy (everyone needs a BF like her) and to chuckle in certain parts. And the little tidbits about the paranormal world definitely quirked my interest. The writing was decent enough but could have benefited from a more thorough editing/proofing (especially re: paragraph structuring) for smoother reading. I’ll admit that my hand twitched a few times for my red pen but there was enough in the storyline to compensate for it.

Again, quick and easy read but I doubt that I’ll continue with this serial or any other works by Ms. Sin for now. At the moment, I’m a little fairy-taled out. Also, there are currently 5 “books” to the Taryn Malloy Fantasy “series”, with each part priced @ $3.99 but ranging from only 26 to 49pgs (which probably includes excerpts).

Total cost = $16 for 204pgs (but pg# probably less for actual stories) = um, maybe not. (Of course, I could get #1-3 for $6.99 but can’t help but wonder how it could be listed at 208pgs.)

HEAT LEVEL: erotica (explicit language; several sex scenes; multiple partners; F/F encounters)

* My thanks, Secret Book Claus(e)—you did good! Topic/page minimum close enough and it was a nice read with a drink. ^_^