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Wicked Nights (Warlock's Moon, #1) - Diana Bocco I wasn't sure how I would rate this story because while I didn't hate it, I couldn't generate much enthusiasm for it. The only reason why I decided on 2 stars is because the writing was pretty good (although there were odd paragraph structures at times) and the content well-edited. And the cover is wonderfully done.

The problem, I think, is that the skeleton of a story was there but not enough flesh to bring it and the characters to life. There was nominal character development and certain things are addressed superficially (like the ritual "to gain power"). Without any solid backdrop, it's as if the story takes place in a vacuum. There's no suspense as the reader is quickly told who the real "bad guy" is. The "magic" is either vague or simplistic (see next paragraph). And the sex scene is MEH (I've read sexier ones in some category romances).

But the odd moments ultimately killed the story for me. Need to cut an interview short and leave just to take a phone call? Have magical powers but can't keep someone from entering your home? More importantly, someone kills 3 women but you're going to give him "one more chance"? Because of family rules? Seriously? That's a cheap (and unbelievable) way to keep a villain alive for the next book.

(Thank you, Secret Book Claus(e), for remembering my liking for warlocks, as well as my recent page minimum. This could have been an interesting read.)