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The Rift (Vessel of Souls, #1) - S.K.N. Hammerstone I forget now how I got to this book on Amazon but after skimming a few reviews, I used Amazon's Look Inside function to decide for myself whether or not it would interest me. A paranormal horror? Hmmm...

Honestly, it wasn't so horribly written that my brain froze. (But then, I once had the misfortune to read something much, much worse.) Yes, there were errors (some glaring and some not) and odd paragraph structuring. Still, despite the awkwardness in the writing, the storyline seemed intriguing and I was curious as to the exact nature of Rachael's back-from-the-dead experience and what role her supposed rescuer really played.

So I wishlisted this book and logged onto GR to read the author's profile. Alas, I got no further than a certain blog post. And that blog post was enough to put a kabash on this book.

A most definite NWTR. Pass.