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GRINGA - In the Clutches of a Ruthless Drug Lord (#1) - Eve Rabi Deceptive and misleading... I am disgusted and embarrassed to admit that I thought the blurb interesting-but-wacky enough to download when available as a Kindle freebie. But I'll suck it up so that no one else has the same experience, whether for free or not.

WARNING: This particular product is not a romance; there is no sex, no seduction in any form but RAPE. AND MORE RAPE. CONTINUAL RAPE.

Yes, I used caps. Why? Because I want potential buyers to know this upfront. While I firmly believe people can read whatever they wish, that choice should be based on truth, not deception. The author should have been as honest about the repeated rapes as she was about the violence. (EDIT/ADD: And no, not because I have anything against rape in books (please, P.L. Nunn's [b:Bloodraven|6617506|Bloodraven|P.L. Nunn|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1314887548s/6617506.jpg|6811618] is one of my all-time favs); I just wasn't prepared to read about it.)

I am beyond PO'd that I got suckered into reading this, and then kept hoping that with the next page, the story would do a 180 and the off-beat romance would start (not). Like some of the others, I downloaded this after reading the blurb, which is buried somewhere within the excerpt, so allow me:

He's a ruthless, drug-lord who kills at the slightest provocation; she's a sassy, foul-mouth, twenty-one year old who takes crap from no one. Put them together and watch the sparks fly. And fists.
Add their greedy, backstabbing, amoral families to the mix and you have mayhem.
Add the FBI to the mayhem and you have tragedy.
Gringa is a modern-day, tragic love story that will have you laughing, crying, gasping and above all wishing there was more.

WARNING: This book contains language your mother would definitely NOT approve of, scorching sex scenes that may keep you up at night, unnecessary and un-called for violence and is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 or anyone seeking world peace just yet. (18 years that is, not months. Well, months too.)

So I thought, "Hmmm, interesting twist—a bit wacked, but interesting so why not?" Also, the "warning" has such a cutesy, tongue-in-cheek tone, doesn't it?

Here's "why not". This product is not part of a series; IT'S A SERIAL. I won't waste my time explaining the difference. The "hero" says maybe all of 5 words until just before he rapes her anally. (And yeah, I wrote the word--why not when some of the erotica listed here contain it in their "warning"?) No sparks flew between them, unless you count the times he stared at her while she quaked in fear.

The FBI? Nope, sorry—huge no show for me, must have had car trouble. For that matter, where was the romance? Because I got the tragedy. And if I ever had the misfortune to experience such "scorching sex scenes", then I'll definitely be up at night.

It's clear from some other reviews that people didn't read the same book (because this was NOT 449 pages). So I can only presume that the recent change resulted in different versions. I wonder if the formatting got screwed up then? Because the formatting was crap for my download and ended at Location 3040, so I ran a macro and voilà!... I then got 70 pages/Location 1071. So 2/3 of NOTHING got stripped out.

I'm sorry but who indents to 1/4 of a Kindle screen? And at this day and age, are consistent paragraphs for straight text so difficult that several sentences would start in the middle of my screen? Even a manual typewriter had a set Tab key! Finally, how does "Chapter Three" end up in the middle somewhere but there's no other chapter headings?

The truly sad thing about all this? Crap formatting, grammar and punctuation (and I mean to the point that I had to pause and mentally construct some sentences to get the gist) and misleading blurb aside, the storyline concept was good and had such potential! In fact, the beginning was creatively attention-grabbing and the first half was not bad.

Enough. Like the heroine, I need to take another hot shower and scrub real hard.