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REVIEW: “Lucky Bitch” by Deidre Blue

The Bakkarwals of Jammu and Kashmir : Navigating through Nomadism - Anita Sharma

Note: Review originally posted on Amazon & GR. Minor edits (clean-up) made after import to BL.




OK, gang, know at least 3 of you have this... short/harsh but to the point:


This was more "delusional, spoiled brat". And the ultra-perfect Darcy being interested in her in any way (aside from sexually) = schmuck. But turns out he initially wants her for maid service. Only thing that made sense was her getting spanked for behaving like a 2yo and throwing things in a tantrum.


But here's the kicker: NOT erotic and the BDSM is a red herring. Not even smexy or smokin' so...?


To be fair, poor Rupert the stuffed bunny did get a LOL.


* As of now, new rule for Secret Book Claus(e)—at least for me: 50pgs+ only.

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