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It Happened in Vegas - Corinne E. Victoria (★½) I sometimes try out a NTM author (especially of erotica) during a freebie promo. Based on the risqué cover, the minimum blurb and length of 12 pages, IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS by Corinne E. Victoria is what I consider “flash erotica”™. So my rating is based on that expectation.

Given its short length, I didn’t expect substantial character or plot development. So Ms. Victoria did a nice job of providing the bare bones of a storyline. But for flash erotica, I expected to jump right into the “good stuff”—which didn’t occur until 68% into the story. I didn’t need to read about the airplane ride to Vegas, the cab ride to the hotel, the fabulous hotel room, and the main character getting ready for a night out on the town.

I’m sorry but I also found the writing to be amateurish, with more “telling” than showing, and the multiple POVs were handled very awkwardly. As for the sole sex scene… well, it was flat and unimaginative. Perhaps I’ve read too much over the years but frankly, it was about as erotic as some sex scenes in a category romance (if one takes out the F/F and ménage aspects).

Unfortunately, IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS didn’t do much for me, but it wasn’t horrible so feel free to try it and decide for yourself.