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Holding Her Close - Allyson Lindt UPDATE: Went back and finished (not rating).

Setting this aside for now. Third attempt and still can't get invested in this book/storyline.

HOLDING HER CLOSE feels very NA, which I didn't expect. I can't relate to the MCs and find both of them very immature, which is somewhat at odds with their purported professional status. Too little of the MCs' backstory and prior history is reveal early enough so I'm left uncertain as to whether I care about their second chance. Getting info in bits and pieces didn't work for me.

I don't know if it's my current mood or the writing style but many parts feel stilted and don't flow smoothly. And the constant contradictions/directional changes of the MCs' internal musings make them seem wishy-washy and give me reader's whiplash. Unfortunately, edit/proof errors only added to my growing irritation. Although most would probably consider them to be fairly insignificant, my current state is catching all of them and impeding my enjoyment.