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Eclectic, cross-genre mood reader (but of late, mostly erotica, romance & para/UF—including m/m & ménage).  At times, the realities of life & work tend to dictate how UNreal a world I choose for an escape.

Fair warning:  I may walk like a lady but I cuss like a salty sailor. ^.~


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The 7th Woman (Nico Sirsky, Chief of Police)
Frédérique Molay

Three Times the Scandal (Georgian Rakehells, #4) - Madelynne Ellis Pre-GR read so may warrant skim re-read for a proper review, especially now that I've read book #5 in this series, [b:Her Husband's Lover|16373133|Her Husband's Lover (Georgian Rakehells, #5)|Madelynne Ellis|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1363689730s/16373133.jpg|22533561], featuring Lord Darleston (with cameo by Neddy). :)

(Also need to dig into prehistoric Excel chart to see if I did in fact read the previous books in this series at some point.)