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PSA Review: “Hard as Steel” by Kristin Michelle Adams

Hard As Steel - Kristin Michelle Adams

Note: Review/commentary originally posted on GR. Minor edits (clean-up) made after import to BL.




UPDATE 6-23-2013: Apparently, calling this "faux erotica" may be incorrect. From a reliable source, this seems to lean more towards scat porn.  Sorry, not my kink.



*** Original PSA Review ***


Dear God! The blurb alone is enough to tell me to steer clear of this one, even if I didn't know better. W...T...F...?

The blurb, now deleted from the book page:

A thousand years from now men and women are segregated due to diseases caused by unsafe sex. The only way to keep the human population from going extinct is to use sex bots to artificially inseminated the women with healthy clean sperm. When Infinity goes to pick out her sex bot on her twenty fifth birthday she find out that she ended up picking out a real man. Now, she will have to decide to let him go on without her or will she stay by his side and fight for her freedom?



Why proper writing matters:


Source: http://karmabites.booklikes.com/post/524492/review-hard-as-steel-by-kristin-michelle-adams