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Amy "Red" Riding's Hood - Liz Adams Thunderballs! Talk about re-inventing a classic! I love erotic re-tellings of fairy tales (after all, they were originally meant for adults).

Liz Adams put together an incredibly sweet yet steamy story in such a short length. And she used a certain sequence from the original tale at a very apropos moment. As for the big, bad wolf eating little Red (as in the original version by Charles Perrault)? Well, I'll admit that I had to pause while my brain engaged in some mental gymnastics.

Just two things kept me from enjoying this without reservation. One, I understood logically the reason for the scene involving Red's aunt but emotionally, it really took me out of the story. Two, I wish that this could have been just a tad longer. I completely forgot about the bonus excerpt so thought there was a bit more to read. But when I clicked to the next page and... over :(

Given the barriers to their relationship, did they truly get their HEA? Inquiring minds want to know, Ms. Adams!