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The Man of My Dreams - Gladys Quintal Interesting but fizzled at end...
Decided to try this author/story when it was available as a free download. I would have rated it as 3 stars up until the end. Although I agree with another reviewer that the writing was a bit amateurish/fan fiction-ish (and the formatting errors in my copy took away from smooth reading flow), I was quickly drawn in by the story, as well as the twist on the traditional vampire lore.

Unfortunately, there were too many critical points either glossed over (um, the "gift"?) or ignored, especially at the end, which dropped my rating to 2 stars. I realize that the author contemplated a sequel (thus, the cliffhanger) but still, the end scene seemed poorly thought out and defied the normal suspension of disbelief for fiction. Likeable enough as a free read but given the plethora of vampire fiction, not enough to pay to see if this particular author's writing/story gets any better.

ADDED 09-09-2012: To clarify, I don't generally mind a cliffhanger in preparation of the next book (setting the stage, if you will), but it bothers me as a reader when not properly done and/or it adversely affects the current book. Yes, books in a series are generally linked together in some way or have a common arc, but the discrete plot/arc of each book usually should be resolved by the end (sort of like finishing the framework of a house before moving on to the sheetrock, plumbing, etc).

The way this book ended, the "cliffhanger" was for this story (which I took as how/why Cassie and and her dream man get together), not for the next (which, based on the blurb, appears to be how their relationship develops within an expanded storyline).

I don't want to give away the ending of TMOMD, so I'll just say that it was a bit like leaving out part of a house wall. The missing portion is not critical enough to affect the structural integrity of the house itself but it's obvious enough that working around it or correcting it after the fact becomes more awkward and time-consuming.