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Christmas Cracker - Vanessa De Sade I'm not really sure what to make of CHRISTMAS CRACKER. NTM author so I decided to give it a try. Entertaining tale, written well enough, of a frustrated wife whose family is going through some tough times. She's trying to make the best of things but can't help feeling a bit sorry for herself as she wraps Christmas gifts. I won't ruin the ending by saying anything more.

However, several things about CHRISTMAS CRACKER bothered me. "Christmas Cracker" is not the title of the story; it's actually "The Camera". (And if you look at the title page, it's not "The Poison Pixie" either.) Also, the blurb is a bit of a tease because the flashback to "their first time two years ago" is of their first sexual "playing", not actual intercourse. More importantly, the actual story is only 8 pages (ended at 27%). The remainder of the noted 30 pages is a list of the author's other works with some excerpts.

So yeah, I wasn't expecting much for 30 pages but reaching the end after only 8 felt like hitting a mental brick wall. Not a good way to feel after reading something.