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REVIEW: “Last Night I Had a Laughmare” by J.E. Laufer

Last Night I Had a Laughmare - J.E. Laufer

For reading out loud to a child, the major appeal of LAST NIGHT I HAD A LAUGHMARE by J. E. Laufer is its simple rhyming scheme—easy to read, with some clever and/or nonsensical combinations. Definitely had some chuckle moments!

THE GOOD: Cute, eye- and kid-friendly drawings which immediately captured a toddler’s attention.  Bright (but not garish) colors used very well to provide contrast and make certain things pop out. Not too long, so perfect as a settle-into-bed treat.

THE BAD: None really, except that your child may be too awake from giggling to sleep afterwards. ^.^  But... if I had to pick something, perhaps the text could’ve been a wee bit larger, both for me and a child learning to read. (But then, perhaps it is in the final, published version?)

* ARC provided by NetGalley on behalf of the publisher/the author.