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Dew of Heaven (A Molly Shaman Novel) - Kit Gordon UPDATE 17-Feb-2013: FREE atm @ Amazon:

HOT erotica with solid story to boot!

This rarely happens so I'll get to the point: I LOVED this novelette!

How much did I love it? So much so that I'm only slightly perturbed with the ending (it was very abrupt which could mean that it was intentional or a "to be continued" indicating this is a serial) and am truly eager for the next Molly Shaman book. Shocking but there it is.

Guesstimated @ 65pgs (taking into account the new/larger Kindle font), DEW OF HEAVEN contained a whole lot of everything. Sufficient development of the primary characters, given story length? Check. Intriguing set-up? Check. Incredibly smooth prose? Double check. Hot sex scenes, you ask? Hell, yes. So yummy and well-written that this little sparkling gem can easily qualify as a go-to re-read while we wait on Ms. Gordon. (Speaking of “yummy”, between the sex scenes and the food descriptions, this story left me both horny and hungry. So consider yourself warned.)

DEW OF HEAVEN was one of the most erotic book that I've read in a long time (and that's saying something). But it wasn't the sexual encounters themselves which made this book so far and above most erotica (or even “romantica”) in recent memory. It was the depth of details and near poetic way such scenes were described. No IKEA sex here. Written from the perspective of Molly, our anti-heroine who unapologetically enjoys and uses sex, the first encounter could be a mini-lesson in “How to Drive Your Man Crazy” (even though its explicitness is comparable to some mainstream “romantica”).

Which is a bit disconcerting because we soon realize that the opening scene is not a typical liaison between a client and an escort. Molly is, in fact, a CIA assassin codenamed “Praying Mantis” because her preferred MO is to dine, f**k, and then kill her marks. And her assignment is “to discourage the suspect from further acts of questionable legality”.

Ms. Gordon touches on certain themes throughout the story and deftly intertwines them at the end. “To Molly there was a relationship between food and sex, and not just as far as gluttony or decadence were concerned. Food and sex were two of the three essential elements in the life of every organism. ... Food, sex, and death. Eating, f**king, and dying. Not coincidentally, they were the three principle themes of Molly’s professional life.”

Hints are dropped here and there as to why and how Molly is the way she is, and this may or may not be explored in subsequent stories. Also of interest is the history which Molly and her boss/handler share, as well as their mutual but suppressed attraction. And then there's Molly's mother who lives in a hotel and plays the ponies (very badly), all on Molly's dime.

I look forward to seeing what Ms. Gordon chooses to share with us.

(Oh, alright... the technical review? Nominal edit/proof errors, well within the “we're all human” range. I had a harder time with the lack of protection, given Molly's MO and the targets' sexual habits. Just a personal “eeew”.)