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The Brethren - Bob Woodward, Scott Armstrong Entertaining yet informative look inside the Warren Burger Court

I recently needed a complete change in direction so dug out my tattered copy of THE BRETHREN. The extra/5th star is for the ease in reading a quasi-historical account of what could have been a dry, stuffy topic. Also for some hilarious anecdotes inside the hallowed chambers even as the Burger Court grappled with and decided certain landmark issues such as the death penalty, abortion, pornography, and presidential powers/executive privilege.

THE BRETHREN is by no means intended to be an in-depth primer on, or an objective/scholarly critique of, the workings of the Supreme Court (or the US government's system of checks and balances). Certainly, the content covers some of the more controversial issues of that time period. But IMHO, this book seems to be more of an attempt to demystify a well-known but still largely invisible institution (and the personalities behind this particular curtain) which plays such a pivotal role in the lives of each and every American.

Highly recommend this book, even to those who generally have no interest in legal or governmental processes.

Side note: IIRC, Woodward revealed that Associate Justice Potter Stewart had been his primary source re: inside info shortly after Stewart's death.