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Lord of Scoundrels - Loretta Chase (★★★★½) Missed 5th star b/c a couple of things kinda bothered me. Yeah, I kept telling myself “stay in the period, stay in the period” but still... and then a personal “ick” moment towards the end. Nonetheless, this one is a fav and occasional re-read so highly recommend it. Take a peek for some examples as to why.

“....I tell you Dain is a splendid catch. I advise you to set your hooks and reel him in.”

Jessica took a long swallow of her cognac. “This is not a trout, Genevieve. This is a great, hungry shark.”

“Then use a harpoon.”

* * * * * *

Equally to the point, the creature before him was a lady, and no signs had to be posted about her to warn him off. Ladies, in his dictionary, were listed under “Plague, Pestilence, and Famine”.

* * * * * *

“Jessica, I know I’ve been… difficult,” he said. “All the same—”

“Difficult?” She looked up, her grey eyes wide. “You have been impossible. I begin to think you are not right in the upper storey. I knew you wanted me. The one thing I’ve never doubted was that. But getting you into bed—you, the greatest whoremonger in Christendom—gad, it was worse than the time I had to drag Bertie to the tooth-drawer. And if you think I mean to be doing that the rest of our days, you had better think again. The next time, my lord, you will do the seducing—or there won’t be any, I vow.”

* * * * * *

“How romantic.” She pressed her hand to her heart. “I believe I shall swoon.”

“You’d better not.” Dain headed toward the door she’d entered. “I can’t wait around to pick you up. My bladder is about to explode.”

* * * * * *

With the world securely in order, Dain was able to devote the leisurely bath time to editing his mental dictionary. He removed his wife from the general category labeled “Females” and gave her a section of her own. He made a note that she didn’t find him revolting, and proposed several explanations: (a) bad eyesight and faulty hearing, (b) a defect in a portion of her otherwise sound intellect, (c) an inherited Trent eccentricity, or (d) an act of God.

* * * * * *

He tried to find a place in his dictionary under “Dain” for de Medici princes and Roman gods, but the phrases fit nowhere, and merely contemplating them made him want to howl with laughter. Or weep. He couldn’t decide which.

He decided he was becoming hysterical.

He wasn’t surprised. She had a knack for doing that to him.

If you want an actual review based on fresher recollection than mine, see http://dearauthor.com/book-reviews/review-lord-of-scoundrels-by-loretta-chase/