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“Something Secret This Way Comes” by Sierra Dean

Something Secret This Way Comes (Secret McQueen, #1) - Sierra Dean

NB:  Review originally posted 20-Dec-2012 on GR but actually read in June 2012 (minor edits made post-import to BL).  In retrospect, this was probably one of my earliest brushes w/ NA-PNR.  Which is kinda surprising, given the publisher.



Genre: PNR

Length: novel

Heat Level/Content: sensual/steamy (??)

Publication Date: May 2011

Publisher: Samhain

Series Info: Secret McQueen #1



Some secrets are dangerous. This Secret is deadly.


For Secret McQueen, her life feels like the punch line for a terrible joke. Abandoned at birth by her werewolf mother, hired as a teen by the vampire council of New York City to kill rogues, Secret is a part of both worlds, but belongs to neither. At twenty-two, she has carved out as close to a normal life as a bounty hunter can.


When an enemy from her past returns with her death on his mind, she is forced to call on every ounce of her mixed heritage to save herself—and everyone else in the city she calls home. As if the fate of the world wasn’t enough to deal with, there’s Lucas Rain, King of the East Coast werewolves, who seems to believe he and Secret are fated to be together. Too bad Secret also feels a connection with Desmond, Lucas’s second-in-command…


Warning: This book contains a sarcastic, kick-ass bounty hunter; a metaphysical love triangle with two sexy werewolves; a demanding vampire council; and a spicy seasoning of sex and violence.

(show spoiler)





I realise that many others liked this book. Some really liked it. So to say that I didn't click with the character of Secret, her background history, or this storyline would be an understatement. For me, there were too many loosey-goosey stuff.

(Frex, her grandma clearly loved her but never bothered to track her down after Secret runs away @ 16 to NYC? Gee, at least explain that away in a sentence or two.)

(show spoiler)

  I won't address the rather vague fated mates concept.


Also, I didn't find Secret particularly "kick-ass", especially given the frequent (and sometimes self-acknowledged) TSTL moments. And due to the number of times that I thought "huh?" or "wtf?" or "oh, fecking kidding me", I think that I finished the book in the hopes that something, anything would save the overall story. Only to get a huge *eyeroll* at the end.


And I got books #1-3 as a gift... *sigh*

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