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“Magic at Work” by Sotia Lazu

Magic at Work - Sotia Lazu

NB:  Review originally posted on Amazon and GR @ 30-Mar-2013.  Minor edits/clean-up after import to BL.



Genre: CR + a dash of paranormal

Length: novel (237 Kindle pgs)

Heat Level/Content: Hot! (m/f vanilla; *tease* of D/s)

Publication Date: March 2013

Publisher: self

Series Info: N/A



She thought he hated her. He thought she was too good for him. Fate proved them both wrong.


On a slow day at work, Lexi Adams discovers an on-line erotic romance novel. Intrigued by the similarities she shares with the heroine, she starts reading and becomes enamored with the leading man. The problem is, she’s only able to access the novel on her work computer.


Ric Ackart, head of the IT department, suspects she's slacking off and decides to find out what she does in front of her computer screen all day. His surprise at what takes up her time is overshadowed by the fact that the novel's leading man shares his face and the name he used years ago...


Now Ric is forced to come to terms with his feelings for her―but Lexi isn't willing to share more than her body...


Author's Note: This book contains graphic language and explicit sexual situations that some may find objectionable.

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*** Review copy provided by the author ***


THE SHORT: Definitely recommend this funny, light-hearted ROMcontemp with an unusual PNR twist. A welcomed change from the overly angst-ridden stories flooding the market of late, I think that “Magic at Work” will appeal to a wide range of romance lovers—so long as they can handle the smokin’ erotic moments. *wink*


THE LONG: I could’ve read “Magic at Work” by relatively new author Sotia Lazu in one sitting if not for RL and some other interruptions. Well-written with a style which resonated with me, I was immediately drawn into the story. Much of that had to do with the naturalness of the dialogue; while reading, I could “hear” the conversations in my head and could easily imagine my friends and me having similar ones.


Although the likable MCs are in their mid-20s, I could relate to them because either I went through the same phase or their realistic behaviour and uncertainties applied across a wide age range. Moreover, while they seem “young” sometimes, both characters possess maturity appropriate for their ages (read: no real TSTL moments). And I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book without the tropes of an abusive past, hateful or negligent parents, back-stabbing friends, and/or vengeful exes. (Oh, and sorry, no suave billionaire either.)


So what’s the problem and whence the conflict? Well, seems that both Lexi and Ric suffer from the “once burned, twice no effin’ way” syndrome. Unfortunately for them, they also suffer from an instantaneous, nearly irresistible attraction to each other. Lexi fights it much more than Ric but then, she may have more reason for her stubborn denial. Plus, it serves as the vehicle for the emotional back-and-forth between these two.


May seem fairly simple but Ms. Lazu took that basic premise, added a splash of paranormal, and produced a book which had me chuckling, snorting and laughing at multiple points.

Ha, you peeked!  Just keep in mind the joke re: bestiality, the towel, hanky in meeting room, and retelling of the photocopy room incident.

(show spoiler)

Oh and the creative sex scenes… *fans self in memory*


Just so there’s no confusion… There’s no last minute hurdle to overcome. The MCs work through their differences, and there’s a definite HEA. (That’s not a true spoiler because we pretty much expect that in a romance, yes?) So “Magic at Work” is more about how Lexi and Ric get past their misunderstandings and bickering to reach their HEA. Of course, there’s also their erotic encounters along the way and the clever, steamy “story within a story” role a certain on-line erotic novel plays in their relationship.



Note: This last bit is just me… I did notice some edit/proof stuff (but well within the “we’re all human” range) and had funky italics in Chapter 15 (but could’ve been my device). Also, kinda wished Ric had been more masculine (for lack of a better term); I don’t like my males to get teary too often. ^ᴗ^

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