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Night Thief (Night Series, #0.5) - Lisa Kessler THE SHORT: Steamy and well-written historical PNR blending vampire and shifter lore with an element of ancient Mayan legends. As a prequel, definitely worked to make me want to learn more about this author's world via the full-length novels in the Night series. Recommended for PNR lovers seeking a quick & easy read with a slightly different twist (even those who don’t normally read HR because the historical details don’t predominate).

THE LONG: I really enjoyed NIGHT THIEF by NTM author, Lisa Kessler. It combined two of my favorite genres—HR and PNR—and was a perfect choice for a light, sexy read. Given that NIGHT THIEF is a novella, this review is written in very general terms (otherwise, I could give most of the story away).

As a mini-intro to the Night series, there was sufficient world-building to carry the storyline. However, I do have some lingering questions as to Kane’s exact nature and beginnings, as well as certain other tidbits, so in that sense, NIGHT THIEF worked to capture my interest enough to read the next book, “[b:Night Walker|11557788|Night Walker (Night, #1)|Lisa Kessler|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1307394032s/11557788.jpg|16498074]”, in order to learn more about Kane and others like him.

Ms. Kessler did a very good job of quickly drawing sympathetic MCs. Kane is an age-weary immortal resigned to remain apart from the mortals whom he protects. Meanwhile, Marguerite is an independent and creative female seeking freedom from her situation. As expected for a novella, their relationship/romance proceeds very quickly but again, enough is provided by the end so that the reader can believe in their HEA.

RE: historical accuracy, I’m not too demanding in my HR reads so I’m usually satisfied if there aren’t glaring errors or inconsistencies. I admit that more than my usual suspension of disbelief was required re: Marguerite’s nighttime activities, and there were a few other minor off-points (but not enough to weaken the story). But overall, I liked how Ms. Kessler incorporated enough background details to maintain the feel of HR (specifically, France in 1840) throughout the story without overwhelming the PNR aspect of NIGHT THIEF.

If I had any quibbles with NIGHT THIEF, then they would be more along technical lines (e.g., one character’s dialogue mixed with general narrative or another’s POV), as well as certain mistakes in the small amount of French used in the story. IMVHO, if an author elects to use foreign phrases, then the same should be properly used and punctuated. Why? So that those who know the language won’t mentally wince while others can learn something new correctly. (E.g., the gender of “thief” in French is dependent on the person. Thus, “La Voleuse d’Or” should’ve been used in the story.)

Minor quibbles aside, NIGHT THIEF was a perfect introduction to a NTM author. And based on my experience, I look forward to reading more of Ms. Kessler’s works and perhaps meeting up with Kane and Marguerite in a different story. :)

* Review copy provided by the author via the PNR NaUBA group Author/Reader Exchange