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Dead Ever After (Sookie Stackhouse, #13) - Charlaine Harris ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!! Proceed with extreme caution online if you don't want your very last Sookie experience completely ruined!

Apparently, some people who were fortunate enough to get an ARC of the last Sookie book have posted open spoilers, including how it ends and who Sookie ends up with.

IMVHO, anyone who did this (whether via actual review or some other online medium) is an utter jackass and showed complete contempt and disrespect for the author and readers alike. WTF, people? How can anyone not know that this...just...is...NOT...done.

And to make matters worse, some disgruntled fans/readers have taken to Ms. Harris's FB page to... er, express... their "unhappiness". Some have gone so far as to insult and name-call the author, as well as spout ridiculous claims.

So now it's become an issue of "reader entitlement". And to that, I paraphrase Neil Gaiman: No author is your bitch. No author owes readers a particular ending. No author owes readers more books to a series, however outrageously popular. No author owes readers a book, period.

If you want a different ending, I've heard that fanfic is a great outlet. Have at it.

* Actual book review to be posted after I read the book from my spoiler-free bunker.