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Counterpoint  - Rachel Haimowitz Full disclosure: it was the cover. I admit it. I mean, wow, just look at it!

Really enjoyed reading this by 2 then-NTM authors. Unexpectedly, more high FA than romance (but no complaints from this reader ^.^), with interesting and fairly complex WB. And IIRC, sex scenes were on the light side (well, “light” for me at least, LOL).

But alas, cliffy ending = book #2 required for definitive conclusion to the storyline, as well as HEA for Ayden and Freyrík (aka “Rik”).

(read December 2011)

ETA: Just in case... Fair warning that there are a couple of scenes (e.g., interrogation when Ayden is first captured) which may be “harsh” for some. Also, in this world, one’s sexuality is a non-issue. Frex, Rik is technically bi-sexual b/c he has both male and females lovers. And although not married, he has royal consorts through whom he already has his “heir and spare”. In fact, his oldest son plays a significant part in one section of [b:Crescendo|11260507|Crescendo (Song of the Fallen, #2)|Rachel Haimowitz|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1306716975s/11260507.jpg|16187295].