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REBLOG: NetGalley's updated, so I'm book biting...

Reblogged from The Reading Perusals of Rose Summers


I just realized that NetGalley updated their review/feedback system, and so I updated my profile today.  Looking at my shelf and all the pretty cover books makes me want to focus on my ARC reading, so I'm going to force myself past my "reader's block" and try to tackle some of the ones on my shelf.  Hoping both the reread of a book I love and in honor of Banned Books Week ("Bless Me Ultima", which I'm listening to on audio) and going through this ARC stack in bite sized chunks helps me get over it.  I'm employing a method of using Random.org to randomly choose which ARCs I tackle next, just to change my reading up a bit.


I may consider taking a hiatus from reading New Adult for a while.  A good portion of my ARCs are New Adult (no comparison to my YA, non-fiction, health/wellness, and other stacks), but I think I'll try to pare down those as I can do so and move onward.


For those still waiting on the BL video tutorials, I'm still working on them.  I've added some new topics to cover in them, and now I have to add them into my recordings, then edit. It's taking me more time than I wanted because of navigating my way around here, compiling information, experimenting with things, and just jumping between different projects IRL.  I'll let you guys know when they're uploaded so you can peruse at your leisure.  I've linked to some of the text tutorials I've found in my sidebar, though I'm still updating that as I go along.


That's it, random update over.  Happy reading, and happy...er...dancing!