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Never Enough - Lauren Dane




Started this one shortly after release but got put on backburner.  Then went to read a Delicious book & got reminded of it due to note re: series.

So tried again via audio but egads, Lucy Rivers's narrating style is NFM.  IDK if she's trying to emulate slower pace of West Coast or what, but for this chick, it's waaaaay tooooo sloooooow.

So, ditching audio & going back to DTB.  IDK, maybe I'll just skip this altogether & just hit the Delicious book?





Conceded defeat & ditched.  This far in, I shouldn't still be at loss re: certain 'background' things.  And b/c of how initial chapters evolved, I'm not feeling the romance/connection.  Which totally bums me out b/c I so wanted to love this one―had looked forward to Adrian's HEA, enjoyed having 'reunion/update' re: the other Bronw siblings & extended family and... *sigh* :(

Mebbe I'll go back & finish one day to appease my anal side.  But right now, too twitchy to deal with constant/repetitive internal monologues and JFC, this is a hot mess―the writing, storytelling, pacing, etc.  Think that my brain is too tight right now b/c it keeps picking up certain things which takes me out of the story.

FWIW re: audio, I thought the narrator (Lucy Rivers) had a good voice but her pacing was too slow for me.  IDK if she was trying to mimic slower pace of West Coast/Pacific NW but to my ears, it ranged from desultory to pace used to read to toddlers―and unfortunately, didn't vary much for different scenes/emotions. (I should NOT be bored by a Lauren Dane sex scene!)



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