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[WIP] Recap: 2015 reads to date

Keeping to latest determination to get back on BL, I've been trying to figure out changes, new functions, etc.  Have sinking feeling that it’s gonna be a somewhat slow & labourious task b/c for one thing, noticed that some personal HTML are now...changed?  Frex, why are quotes all centered?  And text w/in spoiler tags in bold?  *sigh*  So much for hitting ground running via old cheat sheet :(


I also spent waaaaaay too much time checking & off-loading 200+ followers for various reasons.  Don't wanna be mean or offend anyone (and I assume that most are the result of BL's automatic 25 (or whatever) followings upon initial account creation) but I really don't want or need non-readers, lurkers, or obvious young'uns following me :)


Bottom line, this means that instead of back-tracking & doing mini-posts on most of my 2015 reads, I'm only gonna do quick notes here for posterity & then move on.  My short TBR is quickly becoming not-so-short & fair growling at this point!






Highlander-Most-Wanted Highlander Most Wanted by Maya Banks [2013 HR (MMP/audio) ★★★½]


Rules-Proper-Governess Rules for a Proper Governess by Jennifer Ashley [2014 HR (MMP/audio) ★★★★]


Stone Cold Stone Cold by David Baldacci [2007 Suspense/Political Thriller ★★★]


Highly unusual for me but I jumped in mid-series by reading this book (Camel Club #3).  And par for course, Murphy's Law promptly kicked in.  Technically, one can read this in vacuum & still enjoy it but it's not a true ‘stand-alone’ b/c one storyline (centered on Annabelle) is a continuation of what occurred in book #2.  Needless to say, I was a bit lost whenever the book shifted to that subplot.


So what do I do?  Yup, backtracked to beginning and read The Camel Club (★★★), tried but couldn't get into The Collectors (figures, right?), so jumped over #4 and read Hell's Corner (★★★★).  Shame that I didn't stop then; after some thought, reversed back to #4, Divine Justice (★★).


I should note that I first tried audio format for most of the above.  Unfortunately, Ron McLarty's narration didn't work for me.  My overall/lingering impression re: aborted listens was that he sounded fatigued, which isn't the best for suspense/mystery. :(

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